Why You Should Buy Silver Assets!

When looking to either expand or preserve ones wealth, silver may perhaps be the best investment vehicle over the next decade.  There are a plethora of reasons to buy silver.  This site has a narrow focus to help educate those looking to use silver as an investment tool. 

First, we will explore three conventional ways to add silver assets to build your wealth.

Second, we will examine the case for silver as an investment vehicle.

Finally, we will look at the medical uses of silver, mainly the usage of colloidal silver and the eight main benefits proclaimed by colloidal silver enthusiasts.

As we continue our look at silver, we must understand that silver is a commodity.  And just like all commodities, its prices and value will go from extremely oversold and crazily depressed prices to incredibly overbought and astronomically high prices.  The cyclical nature gives contrarian investors the ability to foreshadow highs and lows in the market.  This ability to foreshadow a market bottom and top coupled with stop losses on you positions, give patient contrarians the opportunity to ride the waves safely.  

Commodity markets by nature are manic depressive.  A top in the commodity price brings herds of sheeple flooding into an already overvalued commodity.  This pushes prices far higher than ever imagined and is coupled with a "IT WILL NEVER GO DOWN IN PRICE" mentality.  

Think Real Estate a la 2004, 2005, 2006 and early 2007.  I really believed it would never go down.  It literally felt like we were having hyperinflation in Florida Real Estate.  I remember people were actually bidding over list price to win a deal.  Real Estate seminars in nearly every major city and property rehad/flipping shows all over the TV.

Another sign from the Top; how about the "Peak Oil" theory.  The common belief that the price of oil will never go down.  Simply not enough to meet the markets demands.  Only in reality did we eventually see the price of a barrel of oil decline significantly due to over supply issues.  A study of the longterm commodities chart will show significant booms followed by significant busts.  

In a market bottom, we have a "left for dead" mentality where one believes the commodity has lost its demand or been replaced.  Bottoming out in a commodity can last a decade or longer.  Precious metals, uranium and coal have been in a prolonged bottoming out.

We are in the last phases of a monumental bottom in the price of silver.  This is the precise time to begin paying attention.

How To Invest In Silver?

There are three easy ways you can begin to add silver to your portfolio  

1)     Silver bullion, buy silver bars,  buy silver coins or buy junk silver.

This is by far the easiest and safest way to invest in silver.  It is truly your liability an no one elses.  Yes, you must take extreme caution as the owner of silver, but there are many times in human history where it has been extremely important to have unlimited access and accountability to your own wealth.  Think hyperinflation, currency crisis, bank holiday, natural disaster.  In all of these circumstances and to many other scenarios to list, precious metals are readily exchangeable as money.  When your dollars are worth only the paper its written on, silver is the best store of wealth.

Check out my Silver Bullion page to learn more!

2)    Buy Antique Silver and collecting silver from junk.  This strategy can be incredibly lucrative for someone who knows their stuff!  Silver has many other industrial uses and commercial applications where you can actually get your silver for pennies on the dollar.  If you are a silver enthusiast who knows exactly where to look to find scrap silver, this is perhaps the cheapest way to get some skin in the game.  This does take some specialized knowledge and skill to begin.  Check out my Antique Silver page for more information.

3)     Buy Silver stocks.  Yes you can leverage the price of the precious metal by investing in miners and junior miners.  These companies are left for dead during market bottoms.  Very often trading for cents on the dollar after the dust settles.  The entire market is brought down.  Not just specific stocks but all of the companies with skin in the game.  Today we can buy best of breed silver stocks with minimal downside and tremendous upside.  Some of these stocks will soar thousands of percent while the commodity itself will only give returns of a hundred percent or more.  The additional leverage the miners give you will change your life when the tide turns.  Best of breed miners are a great safe strategy and for the riskier investor!  Junior miners have seen companies shares prices skyrocket by   10,000%    20,000%  and even higher!

This is not a game for novices.  You must seek out a professional commodity investor.  Check out my Silver Stocks Page for more information

Why Invest In Silver, 4 Compelling Arguments!

These are the most compelling reasons to invest in silver;

1) Owning a real asset versus the existing fiat based paper money system.  Silver acts as a layer of protection against government confiscation by way of either taxes or inflation.  Paper money that is managed by central banking has proven its sole purpose is to try to manage inflation.  They willingly devalue our dollars by implementing a plan that continually expands the supply of dollars.  This action alone robs your saved dollars of a portion of its value. Investing in silver is your best hedge against inflation.

2) Silver is the common mans gold.  It is still affordable and can still be easily purchased.  You can act today...   probably right now!  Silver dealers are littered all over the internet giving you a place to buy silver bars, coins and junk silver.  There are also many online brokerages where you can begin placing orders to buy silver stocks that are poised for incredible growth in the coming bull market.  Simply put, silver is more affordable and easier to be divided up for purchases.  

Assume gold is worth 1,000 dollars per ounce, A once once coin worth a thousand dollars would be a difficult item to make change for on a $125 dollar purchase.  How would you cut a coin into 8 equal pieces. 16 1/2 ounces of silver assuming a price at 15 dollars per ounce would cover this bill.  Much easier to be used as money for the common people.

3) Silver has many important uses for consumer goods,  industrial applications and medical uses.  We are also discovering many more applications for silver in technology.  These additional applications will give silver greater consumer demand.  Silver and its wide range of new and existing uses give it an edge over other commodities as an investment vehicle. 

4) Precious metal prices are extremely depressed and we are still awaiting the effects of a printing press running full speed for nearly a decade.  Many people claim that manipulation has run amuck in the silver market and question weather the reserves tied up in paper trading instruments can be backed by the physical assets.  When the notes come due, we may see a collapse of the paper silver market!  The loss of faith in paper silver just might be the turbo chargers giving silver an incredible boost in the coming boom. 

Are Precious Metals The Right Investment For You

Silver For Your Health?

Silver has had proponents heralding the usage of silver for medical use even before Christ was born.  Hippocrates left documents behind talking about the usage of silver to help heal wounds.  Use of silver has had an on again, off again affair with the public.  It was commonly used in the 20th century in eyedrops for ophthalmic issues, silver sutures were used to reduce infection risk and occasionally internal usage was prescribed for epilepsy, the common cold and ghonorrhea.  

The real money in medical silver is all of the devices it will be needed in to fight the risks of infection.  The emerging world and a more widespread use of x-rays, silver halide imaging plates are used.  Endotracheal breathing tubes are coated withe silver for an extra layer of protection and the standard dressings for wound care.  

In the 90's we started seeing colloidal silver become marketed for homeopathic purposes and available in a wide array of products.  

I have seen it advertised to fight the following, sinusitis or sinus infection and that colloidal silver  helps prevent the common cold.  Also, the claim is that colloidal silver is more effective against antibiotic- resistant/ superbugs.  Some also claim that colloidal silver acts as an anti-viral for pneumonia, shingle, herpes, warts and many other viruses.  Finally I have heard the claim that colloidal silver acts as an anti-inflammatory reducing swelling, boosting cell recovery and  speeding up the healing process.

This has been followed by a backlash from the medical establishment challenging the benefits claimed by proponents of colloidal silver.  

You must first consult your physician before trying any type of colloidal silver product to ensure it is okay for your specific situation.